Special deal from J&F Plaza~If you spread our information by SNS, you will get a special deal

J&F Plaza distribute house/event information so that you can see the life of J&F House through SNS.

  • Comment on Facebook
  • #tag and post pictures on INSTAGRAM
  • Add LINE

If you distribute our information by using SNS above, we will give you 200yen Amazon points for each SNS!

*If you follow and register all 4 SNSs, you will get a maximum of 1,000yen Amazon points. (Not including distributing the SNS information)

  • *This service is only available once per person
  • *This is for people who have moved into our houses. But if you distribute the information before moving-in, we can check the distribution after moving-in. Then, you can get the points.
  • *If your comments are not appropriate for us, we will not give you any points. Please understand this in advance.

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