Why don’t you work with J&F Plaza as Room advisor for foreigners from all over the world!?

Looking for staff who would like to assist foreigner’s as a room advisor(Shared house/Standard apartment)!

Application guideline (*Even welcome to staff with no experience)

Business Your work is to assist foreigners in finding out their place to stay in Japan. From guiding properties to make a contract, we will assign you to do all.
■Planning shared house contents
■Assistant of International Party
■Websites Management
■Set up new projects and take them into action
Age More than 23 years old
Required ■Conversational English level and good common sense
skills/qualifications ■Real Estate Transaction Specialist
■Foreign languages(French/German/Korean/Chinese etc...)
■IT or computer skills
Working place ◎Communication skills
◎Planning Skills
◎Flexible thinking
◎Never afraid to do new things
◎Well-motivated to learn new things
Access Shibuya
Working place 5 minutes away from Shibuya station
Working hour 9:00~18:00(8 hours working/day)
Salary Feel free to contact us
Incentive/other benefit package ◇Transportation fee up to 25,000yen
◇Real Estate Transaction Specialist benefit
Holidays ◇Every second Saturday/every Sunday
◇GW/Summer vacation/Year-end vacation/ condolences /paid vacation
Welfare ◇Social insurance
Looking for people who… Person who can set up a business from the ground up and take actions yourself


J&F Plaza

TEL 03-6455-0360

Recruitment of Building Manager of J&F Shared house

Road to J&F House Building Manager(BM)

We are recruiting a J&F House Manager(BM). J&F Plaza is managing J&F International Community house. It is a house to accelerate international exchanges and is very popular with young generation members who are interested in international cultures. We are trying to keep the ratio of Japanese and foreigners 50:50. By the way, J&F House has lots of shared space for residences and we need to manage those space. This is why we need the BM at the house to keep the house tidy and well-controlled. Therefore, we are recruiting BMs throughout the year when a new house is opened and the current BM quits the position(in this case, you are registered as a registered BM and you can get the recruitment information earlier than others. Also, even if you get our offer, you will not have to accept the position).

To brush up your English skills or communicate or get to know foreign people, we are sure that the BM position is the best one.

Our current BMs are well motivated and everybody likes to communicate with foreign people and create a bridge between Japan and the world. If you are interested in this position, please feel free to contact us anytime!

Details about J&F House BM

(1)BM's work
The BM is stationed at the house and your tasks are as below. J&F Plaza will provide the BM's room.
○Rent Collection
○Cleaning the house
○Take care of equipment (lights/toilet paper etc)
○Others (contracts and organising events )

(2)Type of BM※With number of rooms and property locations, these are based on the information from 2007.

Large-scaled house BM
More than 40 private rooms
You work and are stationed at the house as a contract employee
Free of rent and utilities and we pay you a salary
Large-scaled house sub BM
More than 40 private rooms
They are the BM's assistant and you are stationed at the house.
Free of rent and utilities but no salary
Allowed to work other jobs in daytime
Small-scaled house BM
More than 10 private rooms
The BM's responsibilities are collecting rent, cleaning the house etc...
Free of rent and utilities and no salary
Prefer to stay at night, on Sundays and be able to deal with house matters when the head office is closed.
Allowed to work other jobs in daytime

(3)BM requirements
Well-motivated and be able to keep the house clean
We do an interview after screening submitted documents
We prefer having staff with the below qualities
●Conversational English level
●Tell what must be informed to tenants and stand neutral between tenants as the BM
●Have enough spare time (although it depends on houses, it is okay for you to have work)
●Be able to go back to the house everyday
●No criminal record or other problems in your history
●Follow our management policy/guideline

(4)BM's employment conditions
●Provided with a free room
●Free of utility fees
●Salary (only for large-scaled house BM)

To become the BM

(1)Inquire by email
If you would like to be the BM, please contact us by email and send us your below information.
○ English level
○ Your personality and character
○ Experience abroad
○ Age/gender
○ Your current work
○ Why would you like to be the BM?

(2)Registration system
We do not guarantee that we can offer you the BM position right after your inquiry, because the number of positions are limited and we hire the BM only if a position becomes available or we open a new house. Therefore, once we receive your inquiry, we register you as registered BM and we will let you know when the position becomes available. After that, we will contact candidates after screening.

We do interviews at our office in Shibuya
Requirements at your interview
●Skill sheet and job experience

(4)Start to work as the BM
You need to do on the job training at the head office and house. After that, you will take over the job.


J&F Plaza

TEL 03-6455-0360