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Wishes Regarding the War in Ukraine and Russia


For over 20 years, J&F Plaza has been managing international share houses under the brand "J&F House."

We have hosted people from over 120 countries and regions, providing a place where people from all over the world, including those from Ukraine and Russia, can live together and interact.

With this background, we are distressed by the current situation.

As a company that tries to make a difference in the lives of people around the world, we would like to do what we can in this situation, even if it is only a small contribution.

We are committed to make use of the international knowledge we have cultivated over the years to help as many people as possible to live with peace of mind.

We pray that a peaceful resolution will be brought to both countries as soon as possible.

【 Details of our support 】
・Provide 10 free rooms in J&F House for displaced Ukraine persons
・Fully furnished with furniture and appliances
・Free water, electricity, gas, and internet access
・English-speaking caretakers are available

【 For inquiries, please contact 】
Phone: 03-6455-0360
Inquiry form : https://jafplaza.com/contact/

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