About J&F House

What is "J&F House"?
Share Houses are a living style that shares everything(lounge/kitchen/toilet etc) with other residents. We call our Share Houses "J&F House" and our aim is to be an "International Community House" and have people coming and going from all over the world. Therefore, about half of the residents are foreigners and people from more than 100 different countries have stayed at our houses so far.
*J&F is said to be an abbreviated name of Japanese and Foreigners
Can I come to view the house?
Yes, you can. Please feel free to contact us to organise a tour.
Do you have a screening for moving-in?
Yes. All prospective tenants must pass our screening before moving-in. The screening details are usually your ability to pay the rent, any troubles you might have and if you have a criminal record etc, to see if you are eligible to stay at our Share Houses or not. After passing the screening, you will be able to make a reservation. Also, we will cancel your contract and kick you out if we discover there has been an false information supplied. In case your screening does not go through, we are afraid that we do not have to explain the reasons.
From when do you accept reservations? Also, how can we make a reservation?
We usually accept reservations 2 weeks before moving-in in case of vacant rooms. In this case, you have to pay the reservation fee in advance and your reservation will be finalised when we confirm your payment in our bank account. With the vacancy information, we update everyday and please contact the house manager about availability directly.
How can we pay the deposit and rent?
There are 3 ways of payment below. 1. Bank transfer (including wire transfer) 2. Convenience store payment 3. Credit card. With No2, you have to pay 500yen in additional charges and with No3, you have to pay an additional 5% of the total payment.
What ID do we need for a new contract?
・Valid and original visa and passport
・Resident card (if you have stayed in Japan for more than 3 months so far)
・Emergency contact person’s information (if possible somebody in Japan will be the best. If you don’t have anybody in Japan, then your parents in your country will be acceptable)
Can we stay for just a few days? What would be the daily rent?
"The shortest length of stay is a month so you can't stay for just a few days.
After a month of staying, you will be able to extend your contract day by day.
After the first month, a Day By Day set up can be done though the amount per day would be rather expensive compared to monthly rent."
*If the house is permitted to be used as "Vacation rental", it will be under different rules regarding your minimum duration of stay.
Are there any rooms that allow for smoking or pets?
NO PETS and NO SMOKING inside the house except space designated by J&F Plaza or the house manager.
What should I pay as the initial cost?
Basically, deposit, maintenance fee and the first month of rent are required to be payed in advance. But it depends on the house and if there is a case that you would be required to use a guarantor company and pay the guarantor fee. *Reservation fee from 20,000yen
Dose rent includes utility fees?
Rent includes utilities. However, if you overuse the utilities and the amount is extremely high, we will ask you to pay additional costs. Therefore, please turn off the light and air-conditioner whenever you go out.
Is the deposit refundable?
If you clean up your room before moving-out and there is no damage to furniture and the room itself, we will refund the whole deposit. We usually refund your deposit directly to you in cash upon your moving-out inspection. Or, it is possible for us to refund your deposit by bank transfer. In this case, bank charges will be deducted.
What if I cancel a reservation?
If you pay your reservation fee and you cancel it, we are afraid that we will not be able to refund it. On the other hand, if you pay all the fees including the first month rent and you cancel your reservation, we will refund a part of your initial payment (the deposit). With the rent, we are afraid that we will not refund you once you pay under any circumstances.


Is it okay to let my friends stay with me for a night?
We are afraid that even if they are your family, relatives and friends are not allowed to stay over at our houses. It is possible to visit, but they have to leave the house before 24:00.
Is there a curfew?
No, there isn’t. However, please be considerate of other tenants with the amount of noise you make at night and early morning.
I want to stay at the house with my child.
We are afraid that we do not accommodate children under junior high school age. Regarding junior high school students, please feel free to ask us.
Is there internet service? How much does it cost?
"Some of houses have computers with internet in the communal space
You can use internet service on your own if you have brought and computer/laptop and LAN cable in the room too.
Internet service is free.
Therefore, we can’t be expected to respond to all of your complaints or suggestions regarding the internet service."
I want to stay at a house that has more foreign tenants!
Although vacancy and people are frequently changed, we try to keep the ratio of Japanese and foreigners to 5:5. If you are interested in our house, please come to view a J&F House.
Can foreigners stay at the house?
Yes, of course. But there have been cases where we refuse new tenants to keep the right ratio of Japanese and foreigners.